Designer Swim Spa Covers

Every swim spa cover we build is Custom made with Sunbrella Marine grade fabric on the outer layer. Not only will it last longer than any vinyl spa cover ever, but it will look fantastic for years to come.

Air instead of Foam

Our swim spa covers use air instead of foam panels to insulate. That means that it starts insulating right at the water surface (better than up on top of the spa) Plus our covers stay lightweight and easy to use. Most of our female customers report that they can remove the cover with one hand.


We have been building custom hot tub covers longer than swim spas have been around. Thirty plus years of experience goes into making sure your new cover will look great and be easy to use for years to come.


SwimSpa Cover Hurting Your Back?

The SpaCap SwimSpa cover is lightweight and built to stay that way. Many swimspa owners report that they can remove their SpaCap Lightweight swimspa covers with one hand.

SwimSpa Covers for H2X SwimSpas

Standard rigid foam filled SwimSpa Covers will constantly end up saturated with water inside the foam. What you need is a different kind of SwimSpa Covers that will be easy to use and stay lightweight for years.


For more information on designer swim spa covers call us at 800-850-2468