Swim Spa Covers Not Made In China

The new world order. Suddenly we are all more aware of what is coming from or made in China. As the rest of the world strives to be more “green” we can now see the smog over China from space. Where once you could spot the Great Wall it’s now obscured by an ever increasing layer of pollution.

Now due to the China Virus, products cheaply made and imported for sale here in the states have abruptly been interrupted. All kinds of products have been effected but the hot tub and swim spa cover market certainly has.

Folks looking for replacement Swim Spa Cover are getting told by their spa dealers that it may be six months before they are able to supply new covers. Not only that but the cost of those covers may go up by as much as one hundred eighty percent.

So much for inexpensive Swim Spa Covers. It was easy to justify buying a cheap cover that would only last a couple years when the supply was so readily available. But now as our awareness of all things “China” has been drilled into focus it’s all little bit harder to swallow.

Meanwhile, SpaCap.com has been making hot tub and swim spa covers here in the United States for the last forty years. Each and every cover is custom made and sold factory direct to consumers across the country.

The materials that SpaCap.com uses to build their Swim Spa Covers are covered with Sunbrella fabric which is rated by YEARS as opposed to the vinyls on imported covers which are rated by HOURS.

Don’t simply buy another Swim Spa Cover that is going to end up heavy or broken like the last one you got from China. Check out SpaCap.com and get a Swim Spa Cover that is going to be easy to use for many years to come.