Last One Standing in Swim Spa Covers

Years ago, there was a movie called Forest Gump. One of the elements of the story was that through a natural disaster, Forest Gump ended up being the last supplier still in business.

Well is likely to end up being the Forest Gump of the Swim Spa Cover industry.

Many of our recent customers have reported that the normal places that they would have purchased a new swim spa cover from are just either no longer in business or they are just not able to predict when they may have more product to sell.

One of the main reasons is those suppliers were relying on goods produced overseas. The bottom line was these goods were mass produced, cheaply overseas for a one size fits all market. meanwhile was building swim spa covers, made to order, from top of the line goods made in the USA. Their prices were higher but the swim spa covers they produced were made to last YEARS longer and stay lightweight.

Then along came the Corona Virus.

The suppliers that relied on goods produced overseas were caught in the storm. The stock they had on hand was quickly wiped out and the supply chain was cut off. just kept on building swim spa covers.

The foam filled covers from overseas became more expensive because of higher import fees. The worst hurricane season in years added to shipping challenges and delays. Major US ports became grid locked and the cheap import swim spa cover industry became overwhelmed. just kept on building swim spa covers.

If you were wondering why the foam swim spa covers were taking so long to get and costing so much more than they used to, the reason is simple. Materials from overseas.

Meanwhile, at they are plugging away, lining up to be the “last man standing” in swim spa cover manufacturing. Yes, their lead time has been extended by a couple weeks since Amazon has taken over shipping priority across the country but since all their materials are Made In the USA they are still going strong.

If you would like to get a new swim spa cover for your spa before the next decade, and your ready for a lightweight, easy to use swim spa cover, in Sunbrella that lasts for YEARS instead of vinyl that is rated by HOURS, visit