Swim Spa Covers For Cal Spas Swim Spas

In 1979, the Pomona, a California pool builder needed a way to exhibit a wide range of pool designs in a small space. They created small-scale versions of its formed acrylic pools and displayed them for customers.  The miniature pools triggered a wave of special requests for acrylic hot tubs.  A year later Cal Spas was born.  Today, the company is the number one global manufacturer of home-resort products, producing collections of lifestyle products from its headquarters in Pomona, and distributing worldwide through its network of specialty dealers.

Their hot tubs use their exclusive Fibersteel™ construction process of vacuum molding acrylic sheets and then reinforced the shapes with vinyl ester and fiberglass.


Cal Spas products include the In-Ground™ spa collection of premium spas that are a practical alternative to traditional concrete hot tubs, and can be customized to fit any backyard landscape.  The Cal Spas family of products includes Cal Spas hot tubs and swim spas, and Cal Flame high-end outdoor grills and hardware, barbecue islands, outdoor fireplaces and firepits.


Some of the exclusive spa features available from Cal Spas are its Adjustable Therapy System™ with jets positioned along the lines of the body for maximum therapy benefits., Aquatic Air Therapy™ massage therapy for joints and muscles, Pro Trainer™ with six swim-current speed settings, Fountain of Youth™ an oxygenating micro-bubble hydrotherapy.


Additional brands/lines include:  Coleman Spas, Swim Pro Swim Spas, Patio Spas, Patio Plus Spas, Escape Spas, Escape Plus Spas, Platinum Spas, Platinum Plus Spas, In-Ground Spas, OC Hot Tubs, Veranda Spas, American Spas

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