Swim Spa Covers For Tidal Fit Swim Spas

Artesian Spas (aka May Manufacturing) founding partners have over 100 years of combined spa manufacturing experience.  They began their business with a single goal – to offer the best quality spas with the most features, and the greatest range of products.  Today, there are Authorized Artesian Spas dealers in more than 300 countries around the world.

Artesian builds spas for every budget, from high end to middle and low price range.    The company has received Best of Class Awards from poolandspa.com every year since 1998.  The award is based on product inspections, phone interviews and independent polling of 5,000 consumers.

Artesian offers spa models Platinum Elite Class, Island Spas and Island Spas Elite, South Seas Spas and Garden Spas, and features like hydrotherapy jets, sound systems, LED lighting and special water features.  They are passionately committed to providing unparalleled quality in their spas at every price level.

According to Artesian, their “green technology” makes their spas unlike any others.  They sell energy efficient products like Crystal AOP™ Brilliance, Crystal AOP™ Ozone Mixing Chamber, and DirectFlow™ for ultimate water control.

Additional brands/lines include:  Island Spas, Island Elite Spas, Platinum Elite Spas, South Seas Spas, Resort Spas, Tropic Seas Spas, Tropic Seas Elite Spas, Tropic Reflections Spas, Tidal Fit Swim Spas, The Garden Spas

At SpaCap.com They are ready to help you design a customized swim spa cover to fit your Tidal Fit Swim Spa

SpaCap.com has been building custom spa covers for forty years. That’s longer than swim spas have been around! During that time the folks at SpaCap.com have developed a swim spa cover design as unique as your custom swim spa.

Does your swim spa have a waterfall? No problem! Is that old foam cover keeping you from enjoying your swim spa? SpaCap.com has the answer. Plus you can get it to match your backyard decor!

All the SpaCap.com Swim Spa Covers are covered with Marine Grade Sunbrella in all the colors Glen Raven Mills offers.

So if you want a custom swim spa cover to cover your Tidal Fit Swim Spa that’s as easy to remove as a comforter from your bed visit SpaCap.com and order yours today!