Cheap Swim Spa Covers

It’s the end of an era, all things cheaply made in China.

As a nation we have become used to the “Made in China” label on everything. We want everything we purchase to last but not as much as we want it cheap. So the challenge begins.

Things our parents and grand parents used to buy that would literally last for years. Products like furniture, appliances, and even the cars we buy and replace without really even thinking about it. Why? Because it’s cheap.

Then the China Virus arrives and suddenly our focus changes. First the “never-ending” supply of cheap goods from China is interrupted. Now the retailers that were building their business on selling “Made in China” products have to tell consumers it may be months before they get more stock. Even that may be wishful thinking on their part.

The costs of their products have gone up in some cases 180% just getting the same low quality goods imported and in many cases the goods are just sitting offshore waiting for restrictions to be lifted.

How does that effect Swim Spa Covers? Simple, most of those inexpensive hot tub and swim spa covers were coming from China. The covers that swim spa owners had become accustomed to replacing every few years are now not so readily available.

But now consumers are beginning to ask themselves if they really want anything from China. Suddenly we are starting to ask ourselves “Where is it made?”

Well in Hot tub and Swim Spa Covers there has been one company producing their products here in the States for 40 years. has been quietly custom building high quality covers out of top grade materials such as Sunbrella and selling direct to consumers.

Before you go out and buy another “Made in China” swim spa cover, paying a higher price for the same low quality cover that’s just going to end up too heavy to lift in a couple years, visit

Check out their lightweight Swim Spa Covers, made here in the USA, that will last YEARS longer and stay easy to use.