Just A Quiet Coffee

One night Curt was driving and Karl was riding with him. They had gone to get a coffee from the gas station and wanted to just sit out of the way on one of the back streets to enjoy their drink in the quiet of the evening.

It was a fairly hot night so as he backed in off the road, Curt rolled down his drivers side window. Then he and Karl just sat back to drink their coffee in peace.

But evidently a peaceful evening is not what the powers that be had in mind for the officers that night. 

A young man on a dirt bike came riding down the street doing about forty miles per hour in a twenty five mile per hour zone. Under the circumstances, since they were wanting to enjoy their coffee, if the young man had just blazed on past them, Curt might have just let it go.

But no. Right in front of where the officers were parked, the young man decided to do a doughnut in the center of the street. Again, if he had just done a big U-turn and headed back the way he had come, Curt might have let him go. 

But no. As he spun his dirt bike around so that his headlight hit the patrol car it was evident that he had not expected to see it. The rider jerked so hard he nearly fell over but then he quickly regained control and headed down the road again.

Curt said, “Well fuck,” and threw his coffee out his window.

Karl said, “Shit,” and tried to throw his coffee out. But his window was still up so the coffee just bounced and then dumped all over his lap.

“Damn it,” he grimaced in pain. Then pointing at the rider Karl added, “That one is mine.”

Curt laughed and punched the gas to chase down the rider. Once they had him stopped, Curt lent Karl his ticket book and allowed his friend to write the ticket.

Want more stories like this check out the book The Chief Is Missing which is available in audio for those of us that don’t have time to sit down and read. Narrated by Dan Levy

Another Book by J A Sliger is Code Name Artist. It’s a World War Two drama based on a man that fought the Nazi’s from inside the German Secret Service The Abwehr.

SwimSpa Covers: The Top Five

Swim Spa Covers: Top Five Designs

We’ll breakdown the facts to help you pick which one makes the most sense for your needs.

The Traditional Folding Cover

These are the covers that typically come with the swim spa when you buy it. Unless you’ve had one before it’s what you expect.

However more and more spa dealers are reporting that although people are buying swim spas the new owners don’t want this type of cover.

The problem is, even with a fancy bar lifter, this cover will end up to heavy to move. Usually within a couple years. It happens slowly as the cover takes on weight and the user has to spend more energy trying to take it off and put it back on. Eventually, it will be the reason they stop using the swim spa as the weight becomes more of a struggle.

If you can still manage to fold the cover over the bar and push it back, the weight of the heavy cover will either rip the cover in half at the seam or rip the bar lifter off the side of your swim spa. So with that experience you’ll come to look for a different kind of swim spa cover.

Another downside to this particular design is that they are made cheaply overseas. With all the latest Covid 19 madness going on the import of this type of cover has virtually stopped. If and when it does begin again the costs are going to be significantly higher. So what was the cheapest option of the designs listed here may not be the case anymore. Dealers are telling people it may be three months before they are able to get these covers back in stock. Turns out, that is wishful thinking on the part of the dealer. They really have no way of knowing when it will be.

At present this is still the cheapest type of swim spa cover. If it’s the design you want to keep using you’ll need to budget for replacing it every other year so that you can keep using your swim spa. You might also want to budget for a gym membership where you can get in shape for lifting weights.

The Rolling Cover

This cover seems the solution to all the problems that the traditional swim spa covers had. It has the ease of use. One person can just roll it up. You can even roll it up while you’re inside the swim spa. Yes, it costs more but hey it’s getting you back into using the swim spa so that’s good. And the dealer says it will be the last swim spa cover you’ll need to buy.

Unfortunately, that isn’t quite true. Most swim spa owners report that these roll up swim spa covers break down within a couple years. The other down side is that they don’t insulate worth a damn. Our opinion is it’s a cool idea but it doesn’t insulate and it doesn’t last so in the end it’s just the next scam that spa dealers use to take your money. Like telling you the reason your foam filled swim spa cover got heavy was it didn’t have a taper. Then they sold you one with a taper and it got heavy too.

Brutal truth on this design is if you really like it you should budget to replace it every three years. Also since it doesn’t insulate the cost of heating you spa is going to go up. Way up. So you might want to take on a second job or start a little side business so you can save up enough. But hey, while it’s working it is easy to use.

The Auto Cover

These covers are great for safety, but little else. The ease of use is right up there but they don’t even try to claim that they insulate. You’re going to pay a good amount to have them professionally installed and then you’re going to pay a fortune to heat your swim spa.

Rain and debris just accumulate on top of it. Once the load gets to be too much it will either dump it all into the swim spa while it opens or it will just quit working and you’ll be paying someone to come out and fix it. In the end, they’ll tell you that you need a roof over it.

The brutal truth on this cover is, yes it is easy to use, and yes, it typically lasts longer than the first two covers. Does it keep rain and debris out of your spa? No. If you want to keep rain and debris out of your spa and use this type of cover you’ll need to put it inside a building. Does it keep the neighbor kid from accidentally falling into your spa? Yes, but so does putting the spa inside a building or a fenced yard.  You’re going to spend even more money heating your spa water with this type of cover and building a roof over it. But yes, it is easy to use.


The Power Cover

The most expensive cover on the market. You’ll pay more for this cover than you did for your swim spa. Maybe more than you paid for your car. But it does have ease of use in the bag. Push a button and the four pillars of power slowly lift the “garage roof” off the spa. I don’t know about you but when I go out for a swim I enjoy having the sky above me. Swimming with the platform of doom above me doesn’t quite give me the peace of mind I’m looking for.

You’ll pay to have it professionally installed and fixed anytime there is a problem. It does offer a nice flat surface when it’s closed so you can use it as a picnic table or set drinks on it while entertaining if that’s important to you.

It will probably be the last swim spa cover you buy though. Simply because once you’ve paid this much for a cover and had it break down again, and again, you’ll give up using the swim spa. In order to afford this type of cover you’ll need either to win the lottery or have one of your rich relatives die and leave you money.

The SpaCap Cover

The unconventional cover. The SpaCap Swim Spa Cover. This one will more than likely take you a bit to wrap your head around. It’s not flat, so setting food and beverages on it when you entertain won’t work. Ease of use? Well it was designed by a woman with back problems so if you use it like they tell you to it really is like taking a comforter off your bed. Most women report they can move it with one hand.

Here is another plus, it insulates better than any other cover. It can handle a snow load better than any foam filled, or roll away cover. These covers are used at snow lodges and cabins all over the world from the Rockies to the Alps. They tend to last longer and stay lightweight. They come in over  a hundred different colors.

They can handle the wind better than any other cover. Over the last thirty plus years these covers have been through hurricanes and tornados and not even one has ever blown off. Let that sink in for a minute. These swim spa covers are in use all across the country and have survived every major storm over the last 30 years.

The SpaCap Swim Spa Covers are also affordable. They cost a little more than the typical foam filled cover but less than any other of those listed above.

So if you want the most cost effective, energy efficient, easy to use swim spa cover, we would recommend the custom swim spa covers from SpaCap.com.

Finding The Best SwimSpa Cover

Getting The Best SwimSpa Cover

SwimSpas represent unique obstacles when it pertains to covering them.
We can all agree that the swim spa needs to be covered when not in use for all the same reasons a hot tub needs a cover. The challenge is that because of the length of the swim spa and the height of the sides, removing and changing the SwimSpa Cover can be a lot harder.
Getting a new swim spa is an amazing event in life. You’re looking forward to the exercise you’ll receive from using it. Possibly you’re a little relieved to have lastly selected from the different models you took a look at. At any rate, you most likely weren’t believing much about the SwimSpa Cover you would use.
Usually, the cover that comes home with your brand-new purchase will be a 4 section rigid foam filled SwimSpa Cover that will divide in the center and go off both ends.
No big deal.
Until it starts to get heavy.
Which it constantly does.
Every rigid foam filled SwimSpa Cover ever made winds up the same way and it is not the fault of the user. It’s a design defect. Integrated in obsolescence due to the fact that as quickly as it is positioned in use over the warm water in your swim spa it is unavoidable.
It’s not from rain, so having a taper will not make any distinction. In fact you might have it under a roof and the SwimSpa Cover will still get heavy.
The factor is the steam from the water. The molecules of steam are really small as they rise from the water surface. They make their way into the little cracks and crevices in the foam.

Then as the steam cools it forms back into a liquid and ends up being trapped in the SwimSpa Cover
It occurs slowly and on a SwimSpa Cover which is made from private areas, at varying speeds. So eventually you’ll notice one or two of the sections are truly getting heavy. The bar lifters on completions of the swim spa aren’t much aid because you still need to lift that heavy SwimSpa Cover back up onto the spa which is a lot higher than a routine spa.
This is why SpaCap.com developed a different style for their Lightweight SwimSpa Covers
Instead of using a number of foam panels that will eventually wind up in some land fill, they designed Lightweight SwimSpa Covers that uses air chambers that do not suck up moisture.
In fact SpaCap.com Lightweight SwimSpa Covers are easy to use, insulate much better, won’t blow away in a wind storm or be damaged by snow or hail.
Covered with Sunbrella Marine material, these Lightweight SwimSpa Covers will not fade, or break down at the joints either. So if you own a swim spa, and you plan to keep using it everyday, SpaCap.com has the SwimSpa Cover for it.
If you’re not prepared to buy today, bookmark this website so you can find it once again when you’re all set!

SwimSpa Covers for Michael Phelps SwimSpas

The Michael Phelps SwimSpas by Master Spas were created “with input” from the popular swimmer, Michael Phelps, and his coach, Bob Bowman, and the specialist designers of Master Spas.

The company internet site asserts that these are just one of the most energy-efficient swimspas in the market, as a result of the green icynene foam insulation. In their very own words, “Every swimspa is constructed to not just fulfill but to exceed the strict California Energy Commission (CEC) efficiency criteria.” They additionally have high density polymer base which keeps away pests as well as helps to keep the heating, manifold pipes which ensures the equivalent spread of pressure in the jets.

They likewise include Noise Reduction, EcoPur as well as Ozone systems. The EcoPur ® System consists of a filter which incorporates a mix of minerals which aid not only the removal of bigger contaminations, yet additionally of the microorganisms as well as heavy metals, causing softer water. The Ozone System eliminates the microorganisms, making the water fresh as well as tidy.

Its Wave Propulsion ™ Technology System supplies you a swimming experience with much less disturbance and the SwimNumber ™ System enables you to set the suitable swimming, training speed according to your needs. Some exercise programs are pre scheduled, so you could pick in between the beginners, intermediate or sophisticated degrees. Again it is offered in a variety of lengths and also configurations consisting of the spa on one end that can be at a different temperature level. The one noticeable distinction is the housing. On the pump end, the one you swim towards, an excellent foot to eighteen inches is used up by the pump functions. Not a big bargain but if your buying  SwimSpa Covers for it, you’ll be covering a section you can not swim in or sit in.

One essential factor that could truly dampen your pleasure is trying to lift heavy, SwimSpa Covers off and back into the swim spa. Standard stiff foam filled SwimSpa Covers will constantly wind up saturated which water inside foam SwimSpa Covers will certainly ice up essentially you’ll end up with a block of ice over your swimspa. As well as that relocating heavy SwimSpa Covers when there can be ice around the spa can be hazardous. Prevent the inconvenience by going to SpaCap.com and ordering a Lightweight SwimSpa Covers that will not get heavy or break.

SwimSpa Covers for West Coast Spas


West Coast Spas is a family owned & operated local Oregon-based hot tub & swimspa manufacturer with a hot tub factory in Woodburn, Oregon. We manufacture our hot tubs in Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley and distribute hot tubs & swimspas throughout the Western US and Canada. We have 3 hot tub stores which offer many hot tubs and swimspas which can be customized to your needs and tastes.

Our Milwaukie hot tub store and our Beaverton hot tub store serve the greater Portland, Oregon metro area and our customers travel from NE Portland and Gresham as well as Hillsboro, Oregon City, and Lake Oswego. From our Salem hot tub store we serve customers from Silverton to Lincoln City on the Oregon Coast.

At SpaCap.com They are ready to help you design a customized swimspa cover to fit your West Coast SpasSwim Spa

SpaCap.com has been building custom spa covers for forty years. That’s longer than swimspas have been around! During that time the folks at SpaCap.com have developed a swimspa cover design as unique as your custom swimspa.

Does your swimspa have a waterfall? No problem! Is that old foam cover keeping you from enjoying your swimspa? SpaCap.com has the answer. Plus you can get it to match your backyard decor!

All the SpaCap.com SwimSpa Covers are covered with Marine Grade Sunbrella in all the colors Glen Raven Mills offers.

So if you want a custom swimspa cover to cover your West Coast Spas SwimSpa that’s as easy to remove as a comforter from your bed visit SpaCap.com and order yours today!

Bang Bang in Spanish


In High school Curt had taken German in order to talk with his aging great grand parents. Which worked out fine for the last few years of their lives. His great grandmother would often be speaking in English and then slip into German not realizing it. She had lived an incredible life. Coming over to America as a young teenager, arriving at Ellis Island, none of her family that was already here had come to meet her. Speaking very little English at the time she didn’t know what to do or where to go. As luck would have it, the Kennedy family were there that day looking to hire people to work at their estate. So she was hired and worked for a dozen years as an upstairs maid at the Kennedy mansion. Eating and sleeping on the property she never left and had nothing to spend her money on since her needs were being met. Eventually she wrote her brothers. When they found out she had saved up a good amount of money, they came out and got her. They took her money and married her off. Curt’s great grandfather then moved her out west and opened a saloon. So she had gone from being a young immigrant, to working for the Kennedy’s, to working in a saloon out west. She had a wicked sense of humor and stories galore. As a young teenager Curt would sit and play cards with her. She would always win because but it didn’t matter to Curt. He was just there to listen to her stories and laugh at her jokes. But when she passed away, he had no reason to speak German anymore. 

Working in an area with a heavy Mexican immigrant population, he quickly realized that it might have been more useful to have studied Spanish.

Coming across a Mexican man that was wanted for murder, Curt pulled his gun and said “Halt.” The man just smiled and started to go for his weapon. 

“Stop. Don’t move. Freeze,” Curt kept trying but the man just pretended he didn’t understand and kept going, smiling.

Then Curt remembered one day in high school, a couple of his friends were running down the hall pointing their fingers at each other and saying ‘kataploon’ as they pretended to shoot at each other. He had asked one of them what it meant and they had answered it means ‘bang-bang’ in Spanish. 

So now when he really needed it, the word came back to him and he looked at the man and said, “Stop or Kataploon!”

The Mexican man got a puzzled look on his face, stopped and said in perfect English, “What’s Kataploon?”

“It’s bang bang in Spanish,” explained Curt.

“No it’s not!” Declared the Mexican man.

“Well, how do you say bang bang in Spanish,” asked Curt.

“Bang bang,” said the man, a bit exasperated at how stupid the officer was.

“Oh,” said Curt. “By the way, since we now both know you speak English, I’m going to shoot your ass if you don’t put your hands up.”

The man complied and was arrested without incident. He probably couldn’t wait to tell the story  to others about what an idiot Curt was.


Want more stories like this check out the book The Chief Is Missing which is available in audio for those of us that don’t have time to sit down and read. Narrated by Dan Levy.

Another Book by J A Sliger is Code Name Artist. It’s a World War Two drama based on a man that fought the Nazi’s from inside the German Secret Service The Abwehr.

Two Pieces

Dating for a police officer is a little different. At least for Curt. There weren’t a string of one night stands. He wanted to be respectful, thoughtful and careful. When he met a girl he was interested in there would usually be a string of dates before they ever kissed.

Cathy Burns, a beautiful waitress at the Richland TJ’s restaurant. She had a pleasant, easy smile and casual nature. 

One night after he had ordered his dinner and Cathy was refilling his coffee, Curt got up the nerve, “So, Cathy. I wonder if it would be possible, I mean, may I request your company to join me for a movie and dinner some time?”

Cathy grinned. “Why Officer Curt, if that’s how you ask a girl out on a date… I thought you’d never ask.” She wrote her phone number on the back of his hand.

“I’m on nights until Wednesday. Can we plan on going this Friday if you don’t already have plans,” asked Curt.

“Well, I was going to do laundry and watch TV but I think I can clear my schedule,” Cathy responded with a wink.

That Friday Curt went and picked Cathy up and asked her, “So where would you like to have dinner?”

 “How about Round Table Pizza,” said Cathy. “I really love Pizza.”

Curt drove there and parked then got out and went around to open the door for Cathy and escorted her inside.

Once they were seated, “So what’s your favorite pizza,” asked Curt.

“Pepperoni and black olive,” Cathy answered without hesitation.

“Okay, then there’s no need to waste time looking at the menu,” said Curt with a smile. “What size should we order?”

“Let’s get a large,” replied Cathy. Again as if this was a predetermined issue.

“Are you sure? A large pizza can feed a family of twelve or six lumber jacks. I’m hungry and willing but I doubt I could eat half of a medium,” asked Curt.

“No, I’m really hungry and I really love pizza,” Cathy affirmed.

So Curt ordered the large. When it arrived Cathy ate two pieces. Curt could only eat four even as hungry as he was. That left half the pizza untouched. 

After dinner they went to see a movie and Curt drove her home.

The next time he asked her out Curt asked, “Where would you like to eat tonight? How about something besides pizza?”

“No, I really want pizza,” answered Cathy. 

“You’re kidding. Last time you only ate two pieces. We ended up feeding the homeless. Which I don’t have a problem with but I’d like you to enjoy dinner. Maybe a burger or steak,” said Curt.

“No, can we please go for pizza,” Cathy begged.

He drove her to Round Table and escorted her inside. Once they were seated and the waitress came to take their order, Curt looked at Cathy, “How about we get a medium this time?”

“I’m really hungry,” said Cathy with a pouty face for emphasis.

Curt looked at the waitress, “Is there a group of hungry teenagers that you can have standing by? We’ll have the large pepperoni with black olives please.”

The pizza arrived and again Cathy only ate two pieces. Curt began to debate whether this might be some kind of test. Was this Cathy’s way of determining her power over the guy or maybe how gullible he was personally? 

They went to another movie and he took Cathy home.

Before he asked her out again, Curt had to consider the pros and cons. Cathy was fun, intelligent, good company, and easy on the eyes. The only strike against her was the pizza issue. Still, he was interested. So he asked her out again.

Once he had picked her up and they were driving off he started, “Look, Cathy, you’re great company and I really like spending time with you. But I gotta say the whole large pizza deal is a real set back. Can we eat somewhere else tonight?”

“I know, I’m sorry,” Cathy answered. “But I really love pizza. I just really wanted you to like me and I didn’t want you to think I was a pig.”

“Not an issue, really. So can we eat somewhere else,” Curt begged.

“Can we go for pizza one more time? I promise I’ll eat more this time,” Cathy asked.

Curt looked at her. “Seriously? I’ll take you anywhere. Any restaurant in the Tri-Cities. Hell, if you asked I’d drive you to Yakima and let you pick a place to eat there. I’m beginning to feel stupid taking you for pizza.”

Cathy looked back and said, “I know I’ve been a pain in the ass. But honestly, I really love pizza. I don’t get it very often and I really crave it. I promise I’ll eat more this time.”

“No other food will do? Any other restaurant? Honestly? Is this you’re way of testing to see if I’m really interested in you? Come on,” Curt tried to negotiate.

“Please,” Cathy begged.

“Do you have friends that are going to Round Table and waiting for our left overs,” Curt chuckled.

Again, seated and ready to order, Curt tried one more time, “I love pizza too, and I’m hungry but even starving there is only so much I can eat. Can we settle on a medium size and see how it goes?”

“I know, I know. But I’m really hungry, and I promise I’ll eat more. Just one more time can we get a large,” Cathy reaffirmed.

“How about a medium, a bucket of pop and the desert of your choice,” Curt was still trying to end up with less than half of the pizza left over when they left.

“Please,” said Cathy sticking to her guns.

“Are we being watched? Have you made a bet with some friends that you can make me be stupid for you,” Curt said looking around the room.

“No, I just really want pizza. Please?”

Curt looked at the waitress, “How long have you worked here?”

“About a year,” answered the waitress smiling.

“Do other girls come in and ask for a large and then only eat two pieces? Is this some kind of dating thing,” Curt asked.

“No. Most folks settle for a medium unless it’s a group of people,” the waitress responded.

Curt looked at Cathy, “Can we please just get a medium? I can’t eat that much and based on your past performance neither can you.”

Cathy looked down, “I know. But can we please, just one more time get a large?”

“Fine,” said Curt slightly disappointed with himself for being manipulated into doing it again when he had been so determined not to. He looked up at the waitress, “Just out of curiosity, have you ever felt used and abused on a date? Never mind. That’s none of my business. We’ll take the large and can you get me an appointment to have my head examined?”

When the pizza showed up Curt took a piece and set it on his plate.

Cathy began folding pieces over onto each other and started eating three pieces at a time. 

Curt was stunned. Cathy continued not just with the first three pieces, but the next three and then again. It was all Curt could so to get two pieces for himself before the whole pizza was gone.

As she was finishing the last of it and licking her fingers, Curt finally asked, “What the hell? Who are you and what have you done with Cathy?”

“I told you I liked pizza,” she answered.

“Yeah, so do I but before you could only eat two pieces. What happened?”

“Well, I was just to shy before. After our other dates I’d go home and pig out. I just didn’t want to really eat in front of you,” Cathy explained.

“Okay, how about you back it off a little and let me get a few pieces. You know just a little shy is okay,” said Curt.


Want more stories like this check out the book The Chief Is Missing which is available in audio for those of us that don’t have time to sit down and read. Narrated by Dan Levy.

Another Book by J A Sliger is Code Name Artist. It’s a World War Two drama based on a man that fought the Nazi’s from inside the German Secret Service The Abwehr.

SwimSpa Covers From China Costing More?

Swim Spa Covers From China Costing A Lot More?

Many of our most recent customers have informed us that the places they would have normally gotten their replacement swim spa coversfrom are out of business or are just giving them the run around. If they are able to get ahold of someone they are being told it will be SIX MONTHS  or more before they get their new covers.

And then they call SpaCap.comand get the honest, straight truth about the cost and production schedule of their made in the USA swim spa covers.

Much like the movie Forest Gump,  SpaCap.com is likely to end up being the Forest Gump of the Swim Spa Cover industry.

One of the main reasons is those suppliers were relying on inexpensive goods produced overseas. The bottom line was these goods were mass produced, cheaply, made to last a couple years with a large profit margin for the dealers.

SpaCap.com meanwhile was building swim spa covers, made to order, from top of the line goods made in the USA. Their prices were higher but the swim spa covers they produced were made to last YEARS longer and stay lightweight.

Then along came the Corona Virus.

The suppliers that relied on goods produced overseas were caught in the storm. The stock they had on hand was quickly wiped out and the supply chain was cut off.

SpaCap.com just kept on building swim spa covers.

The inexpensive foam filled covers from overseas quickly became more expensive because of higher import fees. The worst hurricane season in years added to shipping challenges and delays. Major US ports became grid locked and the cheap import swim spa cover industry came to a virtual standstill.

The places that would have sold the cheap foam filled swim spa covers from overseas are not sure how much those same products will cost to import if or when things open up again. Some estimates that the cost could increase as much as 180%.

Meanwhile SpaCap.com just keeps on building swim spa covers.

If you were wondering why the foam swim spa covers were taking so long to get and costing so much more than they used to, the reason is simple. Materials from overseas.

Yet, at SpaCap.com they are still plugging away, lining up to be the “last man standing” in swim spa cover manufacturing. Their family owned business never shut down like so many other industries across the country. Yes, their lead time and shipping costs have increased since Amazon has taken over shipping priority across the country but their Made In the USA Swim Spa Covers are still going strong.

If you would like to get a new swim spa cover for your spa before the next decade, and your ready for a lightweight, easy to use swim spa cover, covered in Sunbrella that lasts for YEARS instead of vinyl that is rated by HOURS, visit SpaCap.com.

Replacement SwimSpa Covers

Replacement Swim Spa Covers – Considerations

If you need to replace your swim spa cover this year, there are few important things you should consider. A swim spa cover is your spa’s first line of defense against debris and harsh weather conditions and is the key to saving on energy costs as a well-insulated cover will prevent heat from escaping from the swim spa when it’s not in use.

Here’s what you should know before buying a new swim spa cover.

When to Replace a Swim Spa Cover

A typical foam filled swim spa cover usually needs to be replaced every two to three years.

Look for any rips or tears in the vinyl, check the underside of the cover and look for deterioration from mold build-up and chemicals. A replacement swim spa cover is needed if your old one is heavy and waterlogged and a struggle to remove. This is a clear sign that the foam cores are saturated with water.

Choose Sunbrella instead of Vinyl

All vinyls are rated by HOURS outdoors. Sunbrella is rated by YEARS outdoors. Your new swim spa cover should be covered in Sunbrella that will be more resistant to UV damage, fading and discoloration from the sun than vinyl ever could be. By the way mildew inhibitors in the vinyl will never prevent the build-up of mold that causes those unpleasant odors. The spaces in the foam, and in between the layers of plastic are a near perfect breeding ground for mildew. No amount of cleaning will get rid of it.

Is Cover Thickness is Important?

A typical foam filled swim spa cover will be from four to six inches thick. Foam cover dealers like to push thicker covers saying they will stand up better to the elements. But the truth is the thickness has nothing to do with why the cover gets heavy or fails. It’s the steam from the spa. If the cover getting heavy was caused by the weather then a roof over the spa would stop it from getting heavy. Thicker foam would do a better job insulating if it were used in dry conditions. However as soon as it is put in use over a source of steam the insulation value will always go down quickly.

So what’s a better solution? Well it would be better to have the cover lay right on the water since that’s what we are trying to keep warm. Since air is the best insulator, it should use layers of air to insulate. It should have a natural dome shape so wind and weather will flow easily away. The layers of air are the key to keeping heat from escaping from your spa, therefore saving you money on energy costs.

If you live in an area that receives a lot of snow during the winter, a rigid foam cover will always fail under a heavy wet snow load. Whereas an air filled swim spa cover that rests right on the water will be able to withstand a much greater snow load, as well as providing greater insulation.

Locking Straps for Safety

Locking straps on a spa cover will not only keep it from blowing off during heavy winds, but they are a good safety feature to have to keep small children and pets from getting into the hot tub when you’re not around.

Choosing a Color

Choosing the right color for your spa cover is a fun but important decision, as they can enhance and complement your surroundings. Fortunately, Sunbrella is available in about 80 different colors. Instead of choosing between some shade of gray or brown you actually get exactly the color you want. And Sunbrella won’t fade for years. It will still be just as bright ten years after you first put it on your spa.

So before you go out a purchase another foam filled swim spa cover that will just end up like the one you need to replace now, check out the Swim Spa Covers from SpaCap.com.

D1 SwimSpa Covers

The Dimension One SwimSpa Covers

Dimension One SwimSpa– The Aquatic Fitness System brand of Dimension One is designed not just to relax, yet additionally to exercise, so it represents every one of your needs and dreams connected to swim spas.

You could use it to swim, walk, run, stretch, and also stamina exercises or simply to delight in the entertainment effects of the swim spa. Regardless of which age you belong to, Aquatic Fitness System will most definitely satisfy your expectations.

You could pick from 4 kinds of spas according to your requirements. AquaFit Sport’s water management system which guarantees you clean water each time you work out, the forceful swim jets and the cross-training functionality make it your useful underwater gym. What can be better compared to that?

After your tiring training session, the AquaFit Pro, provides you with its copyrighted Jet Therapy ® pillow, the best leisure experience.

The AquaFit Play will supply you many minutes of satisfaction with workout, enjoyable and also relaxation because of its max treatment seat, trademarked water cleansing system and also stereo as well as lighting bundle (optional).

AquaFIT PLUS is the king of Dimension One SwimSpas, not only due to the fact that it is the largest one, however likewise because you could readjust the water temperature level separately: you can have a different temperature level in one side of it while you are exercising as well as an additional in the other component which is ideal for soaking and spa.

These luxurious spas have a great deal of advancement: they are environmentally friendly and energy efficient, include water cleaning systems and interior advancements. Visit their page to learn more about these outstanding swimspas.

When you’re prepared to get a swimspa cover for your investment, visit SpaCap.com While spa manufacturers have been working with designing as well as building swimspas, SpaCap.com have been building the ideal Lightweight SwimSpa Covers

Regardless of which business you acquire you spa from they will certainly offer a conventional rigid foam filled swimspa cover The problem is that depending upon the overall size of your new spa, that swimspa cover will consist of three or four individual panels. And just like every other foam filled up swimspa cover ever made, those panels will at some point begin to saturate with moisture from the heavy steam coming off the spa water, (beginning the day you load your spa) up until they are too heavy to lift. (Normally one section will be especially heavier within 6 months).

Usually with 4 separate areas this will certainly occur at different rates. So you the owner has to prefer to have a hard time to get rid of as well as replace that a person area or just leave it on as well as try to use your spa under it.

Bar lifters won’t aid as soon as the swimspa cover comes to be as well heavy either due to the fact that you will certainly still need to tumble it over bench while attempting not to stress yourself. Then press it off the end of the spa. When the swimspa cover is heavy it will certainly either rip itself apart (because the joint of the cover is not built to take care of the added weight) or worse it will tear bench lifter off the sides of your spa potentially causing damages to the spa cabinet.

The SpaCap.com Lightweight SwimSpa Covers by comparison, do not utilize foam so there is absolutely nothing to soak up the moisture. They are built to remain lightweight as well as easy to use. Check out SpaCap.com and also order one of their Lightweight SwimSpa Covers for your swim spa today.