The Dark Side

Officer Ken Gooding 545. Did not fit the profile. Just glad to be a part of it all. A nice guy that needed a job and decided to give police work a try. In his late twenties but looked to be fifty. A pretty good officer that really tried to serve the public and do his job. Not pretentious in the least. Unfortunately his personal constitution just wasn’t up to seeing the ugly side of humanity that law enforcement had to deal with. It overwhelmed him. He was shocked at how men like Barbie and Woods  could see it all and keep a sense of humor. One call in particular demonstrated the stark reality to Ken. The three officers had received a call that an ambulance was on it’s way to an address in town regarding an attempted suicide. 

All three officers arrived at the address at the same time. It was a single wide mobile home, with a standard floor plan for the 70’s. As they entered the home the lady of the house was seated on the floor with her back to the couch. Her head down, she was naked, legs spread wide apart facing the front door. The man of the house was in the kitchen with the kids making dinner as if there was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary.

Woods  and Barbie assessed the situation in an instant and went to work without a word. Barbie to the kitchen to ask the husband how long the subject had been in this condition while he quickly searched for empty pill bottles in that area.

Woods  headed down the hall to the back bathroom and medicine cabinet. Woods  found the empty bottles in the bathroom trash, calling to Barbie that he’d found them, “Jackpot.” They met back at the front door. “The husband says that he and the kids were gone and when they came home this is what they found. They weren’t gone that long. At worst she’s been like this for a couple hours,” Barbie stated.

Woods  and Barbie then pulled the woman onto her back and began to administer CPR which they continued until the ambulance arrived. 

When the ambulance arrived Woods  handed the crew the empty pill bottles while Barbie told them that the subject had most likely been unconscious for two hours. 

Officer Gooding was still frozen just inside the front door, staring. Trying to wrap his head around the situation. He was completely dumbfounded at how the other two officers had calmly reacted. He had seen them work together as a team trusting each other with their lives while under fire. It was something he just couldn’t quite get to. 

Still he was an good officer. He could be counted on to take any order and do his absolute best to follow it to the letter. He liked to smoke and drink with the rest of the officers. But Gooding drank to feel better. Woods and Barbie drank to feel nothing.


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