The Great Easter Egg Hunt

Probably since Christ had risen from the dead, there has been an annual Easter Egg hunt at the local school. Don’t ask me how the two things relate, that’s not the point.

The point is that every year there seemed to be more people showing up to be involved.

The people involved with setting up the event had already roped off the different sections  for the varying age groups and scattered the colored eggs in each section. As time approached for the event to start, only about half of the people that wanted to bring their kids were inside the fenced area. There was still at least a hundred families still outside waiting to get through the gate.

The organizers asked the police sergeant if he could make an announcement over his PA system to let the people on the outside know that the event would be delayed long enough for them to get inside.

The sergeant went to his patrol vehicle, took his microphone and switched from the radio to the PA. Contemplating what he was going to say he keyed the mic. Unfortunately what happened was not his voice coming over the patrol vehicle PA but a massive loud whistle caused by feedback. 

The loud whistle was interpreted by all the kids inside the fenced area as the signal to begin and they all took off gathering eggs as fast as they could. 

Unfortunately, all the parents and kids still outside the fence, those that the sergeant had intended to assure that the event would be delayed for them, just watched as all the eggs were scooped up. 

Those inside squealed and yelled for joy. 

Those outside howled with grief, crying inconsolably. Their parents angry with the cruelty that their children were forced to witness. 

There was no stopping it once it began and it was over in less than sixty seconds. 

All the sergeant could do was watch.


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