Commandeering The Short Lady’s Car

One day a fellow officer called for back up to fight at bar. Unfortunately Curt was having his patrol vehicle worked on and he didn’t have another mode of transportation so he stepped out into the street and flagged down a passing motorist to commandeer their vehicle. Turned out it was a little old lady in her early seventies. Probably about four feet tall. “Move over mam, I need to commandeer your vehicle for an emergency,” said Curt as he jumped in behind the steering wheel. The woman dutifully scooted across to the other side of the bench seat. No doubt shocked at what was happening. Since she had the seat so far forward due to her height, or lack thereof, Curt banged his knees hard on the underside of the dash. He groaned but avoided his normal string of curse words. Reaching down to the control side of the seat he released the seat and pushed it back hard with his legs. The woman probably received some degree of whiplash with the sudden push back and sudden stopping of the seat but she said nothing. Curt closed the door, pulled the gear selector into drive and mashed the gas pedal to the floor all in one motion. The car, although it did have a full size V8 engine had probably never been over forty miles per hour since the woman had purchased it. A huge cloud of black smoke poured out from behind as the horse power awakened for the first time in it’s life. The sudden acceleration threw the woman back in her seat as Curt headed toward the call. As he approached the first corner where he needed to make a right turn, he released the gas and tapped the brakes. The brakes, like the engine had not ever been stressed since the woman had bought the vehicle. They pulled hard to the left. Curt managed to break the car to the right and accelerate into the corner, sliding, drifting the car to make the corner at speed and then mashed the gas down again.

Once he arrived at the location that the backup had been called for he stopped the car in the street, “Thank you mam,” he stepped out of the vehicle and walked into the bar. Unfortunately, even though he had arrived in mere minutes, the fight was over. Assistance was no longer needed. Seeing the woman still sitting in the middle of the street, Curt grabbed the first drunk inside the door and said, “Come with me.” He pulled the man out the front door by the collar and waved at the woman. Now her story was complete so she smiled and drove away. Curt took the man back into the bar and sat him back down in the same seat, “Thank you sir. Here let me pay for your next beer.” Curt fetched a five from his wallet and slapped it on the table. The man was so inebriated he really had no understanding of what had just happened but he was more than happy to accept the payment for whatever it was.

Curt then walked over to the officer that had called for back up, “When you’re done here I’m going to need a ride back out to my patrol vehicle.”

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