SwimSpa Cover Destroyed By Hail

Most places across the country get the occasional hail storm. However fortunately for most of us that amounts to a downpour of BB sized hail.

Then there are places like Texas that will get hail the size of tennis balls and golf balls. Not the kind of storm you want to get caught out in for sure.

If you’re ever needing to replace your swimspa cover because of this kind of damage, we have some good news for you. Where as any typical rigid foam filled swim spa cover would be beat to pieces, the designers at SpaCap.com have developed a cover that will never be damaged by hail, even of epic proportions.

After the storm, wouldn’t it be great to go out and relax in the spa and forget all the things your insurance company is going to have to replace?

At SpaCap.com they have been building hail proof hot tub covers and swimspa covers for more than forty years. SwimSpa Covers that can literally take a beating and come out looking brand new.

Not only that, but these swimspa covers can handle any wind storm that may come along too.

Visit SpaCap.com and check out the only swimspa covers that won’t get beat to pieces by the storm.