How to best place your SwimSpa

So you finally got a SwimSpa! Great. Now here are a few things to help you get the most out of it for years to come.

1) Don’t shove it in a corner! Place your swimspa so that you can walk around it on all sides. Leave enough room so that you can take the cover off and on easily. The more room you leave around the swimspa the better.

2) Don’t put the cover inside a portable garage! This might seem like a good idea, but having a garage barely big enough to fit over the swimspa makes using any cover even more difficult. Again, the key is to have enough room to get around all four sides comfortably so that getting your cover off and on is not a struggle.

3) Consider a deck all the way around about eighteen inches from the top of the swimspa. This makes it easier to get in and out of the swim spa and it also makes getting the swimspa cover off and on a lot more easy. A free standing swim spa can be five feet tall on a concrete pad. That makes it pretty young for a woman to get any cover off and on by herself. Having a deck, bench high, will make it much easier.

We suggest getting a swimspa cover that will be easy to use and last YEARS longer than any foam filled swimspa cover. Check out the swimspa covers at Not only do their covers last longer and stay lightweight, they are also available in over 60 colors so they can compliment any backyard design.