Swim Spa Covers Buying Guide

Match Your Climate

You will definitely have to consider the ability of the swim spa cover to withstand the specific climates when it comes to using it. It is important to have a model that can stand up to the climate in your area. There is no point of getting a model that would not even last for long before showing signs of wear and tear.

Those who live in areas that are cold and rainy, then you need to find a model that can withstand the specific weather condition. For those who experience all the four seasons in a year, then you also have to get one that withstands all the changing conditions.

Vapor barrier quality

The model that you pick should also come with vapor barrier for your hot tub. The vapor barrier is the portion of the cover that is in charge of providing the foam cores coating so that water does not permeate through the insulation. This is BS. If the swim spa cover has a foam core it is going to get heavy. There is no “vapor barrier” on the planet that will prevent that from happening.

The only swim spa covers that can avoid this do not have foam in them. Don’t fall for the “Vapor Barrier” BS.

Dimensions and shape

This is another important aspect that you have to keep in mind. As much as you would be looking to get a deal on the cover, you have to make sure that it covers the swim spa adequately. Also consider the shape of the swim spa as it affects which cover you have to choose. There are companies that can make custom swim spa covers for you, but they might be a little bit expensive. That said, having a swim spa cover that doesn’t fit properly is going to end up costing you a lot more in energy bills.

Price or budget

Well, definitely these two always go hand in hand. You will always have a budget in mind and then there is the price at which the product retails. It is always important that you consider these two before making up your mind. Take the time to check out if the model you are buying is worth spending your money on it.


There are many choices to consider when it comes to swim spa covers. Right now, with what is going on across the country the other thing to consider is the availability. Swim spa covers with foam cores are typically being made overseas. Shipping delays have put getting them back in stock several months out. Swim Spa Covers made in the USA are going to be a safer bet. Take the time to find one that delivers on your needs for a swim spa cover.

Is a Roll Away Swim Spa Cover The Best Option?

The latest idea in swim spa covers is the roll up cover. It seems like such a good idea. It has to be better than the foam filled swim spa covers that always get to heavy for you to lift right?

The foam filled covers are easy enough when they are brand new, but then they start getting heavy. So you go in to your local spa dealer and they sell you on the “bar lifter” idea. Which is sort of better but you still have to lift one side to fold it over the bar.

Then eventually the cover gets too heavy even for the lifter and it either rips the cover in half at the seams or it rips the bar lifter off the side of your swim spa.

So you’re not falling for that again.

Now the spa dealer is selling the roll away cover. Look how easy it is. One person can just roll it up. And he tells you this cover is built to last as long as your spa. Unfortunately, that’s just BS and he knows it.

These roll up swim spa covers are going to last a couple years at best. You’ll pay hundreds of dollars more for them, and they won’t insulate any better than the rigid foam swim spa cover did. It’s just the latest sales pitch.

The best swim spa covers are not the rigid foam filled covers that always get heavy or the roll up covers that always end up breaking down.

No the best swim spa covers on the planet start insulating at the water surface. (Weird right? Since that’s what we want to keep warm). They can handle any snow load, so much in fact that they have been used for years in mountain resorts all over the world from the Rockies to the Alps.

They can handle any wind storm, including hurricanes and tornadoes. When the wind blows your F150 into your neighbors house you’ll still be able to invite him over to relax in your swim spa while the insurance agent writes you both a check.

The best swim spa covers don’t use vinyl on the top because vinyls, ALL Vinyls are rated by HOURS outdoors. No, the best swim spa covers use Marine Grade Sunbrella on the top because it’s rated by YEARS outdoors and when your neighbor is replacing his handy dandy roll up swim spa cover because it fell apart, your swim spa cover with Sunbrella will still be like brand new.

If you’re tired of replacing your swim spa covers with something that is just going to break your back, your spa or your bank account, go to SpaCap.com. They have been building lightweight, easy to use swim spa covers for as long as there have been swim spas.