Getting A Used Swim Spa

Would YOU buy a used swim spa? Two-thirds of people surveyed would purchase a used spa, especially if they knew the person. You can constantly discover someone aiming to sell their swim spa, for one reason or another. You’ll discover pre-owned swim spas and hot tubs on


and regional papers by dealers and resident.

Used swim spas and jacuzzis can still have much life left in them, and can be acquired for less than half of a new spa. Even if you choose to buy a new swim spa cover or cartridge filter component, the cost savings can be significant.
Here’s some tips on ways to buy a Used Swim Spa or Hot tub.
Purchasing from a Hot Tub Dealer
Lots of spa dealerships take trade-ins, just like a cars and truck dealer might offer new and used automobiles. They might often have older models or demonstration systems they are attempting to sell.
The benefit of purchasing from a dealership is that it will have some type of warranty, and a comprehensive ’29 ′ point inspection and detailing. They can likewise sterilize the pipes for biofilm elimination. Plus– they can also provide it, set it up with proper power, fill it, and show you the best ways to utilize it.
Simply ensure it’s a ‘genuine’ spa dealer, not a guy working out of a storage system. And never ever buy a spa that you have actually not seen filled with water, hot, and completely functional.
Purchase from a Friend you Trust
If you have a great friend whose individual grooming practices you regard, it may be worth an appearance into his/her carefully used spa. There are those however, who state that you never ever should transact business with pals– if you desire them to remain friends. Nevertheless, if you trust them that the swim spa was well kept and remains in great working order, you can assist out a buddy and get a hot tub on your own at a great rate.
Many people end up selling their swim spas and hot tubs because they “just don’t use it anymore”.

Here’s a little tip. If they aren’t using it anymore it is generally because they got tired of trying to lift the cover off and on. A new lightweight swim spa cover is all you need,
Purchase from Some Guy Online
Take a look at the spa, and if it looks operational however you desire to be sure, get in touch with a regional spa service business to perform a systems inspect on the hot tub. If you decide to purchase it, the spa tech may likewise be able to move the spa for you, with specialized trailers and dollies made for the function.
Even if you are buying from a friend, having a spa tech do an evaluation, and perhaps move the spa and set it up in it’s brand-new area, would be a great idea– specifically if you are a novice to hot tubs and spas.
How much Should You Pay for a Used Spa?
There’s no mileage indication on a spa, to see how lots of hours of use it has, or how long it’s been in service. There may or may not be a record of routine service, repair works and maintenance. If you can determine the spa design, you can try some online searches to find a market price. If not, you can take some measurements, count the variety of jets and other functions and look for similar models to figure a base cost for a new, comparable spa.
Typically, the rate for a used spa must have to do with 50% of the retail expense, or the cost paid by the current owner, for a spa less than 10 years old. If it requires a brand-new spa cover, or the shell or skirt look worn and faded, or if the spa pack, pumps or blower look aged, the rate must drop another 10% or more.
Moving a Spa to a New Location
Not as simple as it sounds, depending on the size of the spa. A 6 feet spa is much more workable than an 8 footer, which hangs over the edge of many trailers and is too large for basic dollies. And they’re heavy! Drained pipes of water, and with the spa cover and spa pack eliminated, a big spa can still weigh 500-800 lbs and be rather unwieldy.
Moving a spa to an indoor place presents even greater obstacles, including moving through entrances and perhaps steps. If it’s possible to pull a big trailer right approximately the existing area, and also pull it right as much as the brand-new place, the task is much easier.
Electrical for the spa will have to be planned for beforehand. Many hot tubs need a 230V plug, like what you have for a dryer or washering. In addition, you may need to have a power cut-off box set up near the spa. An electrician can power up a spa most of the times for under $300 dollars.
Deep Cleaning a Used Spa
When buying an utilized spa, you’re going to want to sanitize it truly well, am I right?
When in the new area, start by filling the spa with water, testing the operation of the spa, then super-chlorinate with a granular spa shock item. After flowing for a number of hours, utilize a purge product such as Tub Rinse to remove off concealed germs and biofilms that might be concealing in the pipes and tubes.
Drain pipes the spa after this treatment, and utilize a hot tub cleansing item (never use home cleaners) such as Tub Rub or Citrabright to get rid of grime from the spa jets and surface areas. Fill up once again and change the pH, Alkalinity and Hardness for ideal spa water balance.
Replacing the swim spa cartridge filter would be a great idea, and if the swim spa cover smells musty and looks old, it might be best to start with a brand-new spa cover.
If the chance to buy a used spa or hot tub comes your method, you are now a bit more prepared for the conversation.

Here’s a little tip not only for getting a used hot tub but for being happy with your purchase. Believe it or not, the reason most people eventually stop using their swim spa is because of the cover. No matter what a spa dealer tells you every foam filled hot tub cover will eventually become saturated and too heavy to lift.

So swim spa owners get tired of buying swim spa covers that are just going to end up heavy. They get tired of wrestling a heavy cover off and on their spa. Eventually they can’t remember the last time they used their hot tub and so they just shut if off and drain it.

When they go to sell it to you they’ll say, “It works great, it just needs a new cover.

That’s great for you, but kind of sad considering how much they paid for their spa and that they let buying a better cover stand in the way of using their investment.

That’s why we recommend the custom made Hot Tub Covers from Their swim spa covers don’t use foam so they don’t get heavy or break. Also because they don’t hold miosture and grow mold inside them like foam swim spa covers you won’t have to deal with a musty, moldy smell every time you open your spa.

So once you find a great deal on a used swim spa be sure to visit and order a custom swim spa cover. You’ll use that swim spa a lot more often and for years to come with a swim spa cover that’s as easy to use as a comforter on your bed.