Lightweight SwimSpa Cover

Looking for a Lightweight Cover For Your Swim Spa?

The covers that come with a SwimSpa typically have more sections than a standard hot tub cover. Regrettably, it will still get heavy much like a normal spa cover.

With more areas, they will typically fill at various rates so you end up playing musical chairs with the areas you can still lift. Ultimately, you might even stop aiming to use the bar lifters and simply open 2 sections in the center so you can use the spa.

Even with the bar lifters, getting a saturated swimspa cover back up onto the spa can be a battle. If you have a bad back it’s down best dangerous because of the height of the spa.

Obviously you’ll want to change the SwimSpa Cover with something that will be simpler so you can keep using your spa.

The Lightweight SwimSpa Covers make the removing your SwimSpa Cover as easy as taking a comforter off a bed. Unlike heavy spa covers that need 2 or more people to raise, Lightweight SwimSpa Covers can be returned on in seconds normally with one hand.

The Lightweight SwimSpa Covers use Sunbrella Marine Fabric on the outside which is far superior to the typical spa cover vinyls. All vinyls are rated by HOURS outdoors where Sunbrella is rated by YEARS.

So Sunbrella, not only safeguards your swim spa from scorching sun, rain as well as heavy snowfall, however also last longer than other covers. Since they use air chambers instead of rigid foam, the Lightweight SwimSpa Covers do not break or get heavy with time.

Energy Efficient

Backed by a 3 years warranty on products and craftsmanship, energy efficient Lightweight SwimSpa Covers make sure a low ownership cost.

Searching for A Customized SwimSpa Cover?

Give them a shout! Their craftsmen with 20 years of experience can make a custom SwimSpa Cover for you.

Is Moving Your SwimSpa Cover Hurting Your Back?

Even if you are physically strong a stiff breeze can capture the big flat surface area and the hot tub cover can quickly get away from you. If you use your tub alone or are not physically strong enough to wrestle it off your swimspa, you require to think about a Hot Tub Cover Lift.

Or better yet consider a cover that doesn’t employ rigid foam panels that can become saturated and heavy. The SpaCap cover is lightweight and built to stay that way. Many swimspa owners report that they can remove their SpaCap Lightweight swimspa covers with one hand. No lifter required.

A cover lift is a mechanical device that connects to the swim spa cabinet body or deck and is created to help you remove your swimspa cover. There can be various methods of operation but they all allow a single person to quickly and safely remove the cover from their swimspa. Providing the foam is not saturated. What happens then is the lifter mechanism will either tear the cover in half because the fabric hinge is not meant to handle the weight of saturated foam or worse, the lifter will be torn off the side of the hot tub.

Cover lifts can also serve another function, and that’s of storage while you are utilizing your hot tub. When you remove the top you need to put it somewhere. If you do not have a deck, that frequently means putting it on the ground. Even if you do have a deck, you may not desire a substantial hot tub cover obstructing the method.

Quick and basic, with nothing to wear out – other than for perhaps that costly new hot tub cover you’ve simply purchased. The friction of moving the spa cover back and forth may eventually harm the vinyl covering so this is something you have to enjoy thoroughly.

Or again you could just eliminate the need for a lifter by getting the only kind of cover that uses air instead of foam to insulate. A Lightweight swimspa covers that is as easy to use as taking a fluffy comforter off a bed. Something designed by a single woman so she could use her hot tub by herself. The only Lightweight swimspa coversthat comes in Sunbrella Marine Fabric instead of vinyl. Imagine having a cover thats not only lightweight but that can match your decor. But lets keep going with the whole cover lifter idea.

Another range shops the folded hot tub cover in a vertical position so that it obstructs the view on one side. Make sure that the cover can be locked in the up position so there is no risk it can fall back down, injuring somebody.

Wait did that just say the cover could fall on you while your in the spa? That’s like the opposite of helpful.

A third kind of lift helps you to remove the hot tub cover and holds the folded cover behind the spa. It often takes a little bit more effort to run this kind, and you do have to have about a foot of clearance behind the spa for the cover. But the lower profile removes the concern of a blocked view.

This is also the most common type of cover lifter sold. What anyone can tell you is that it doesn’t help you fold the cover over the first time once it gets heavy. So if the cover is too heavy to lift, it isn’t going to help you at all. And when they say, “It takes a little more effort to operate” it may qualify as the biggest understatement of the year.

One item to research study thoroughly is whether the lift you are considering locations tension on center hinge of your swim spa cover. This hinge is normally not developed to carry the full weight of the cover in a hanging position, and some kind of lifts can place a real pressure on it. Just so there are no surprises it would be wise to ask this concern prior to making your purchase. There are some after market packages that can avoid this problem, however that is at an additional expense. Some lifts are designed to move to weight to the outer edge of the tub and get rid of the tension to the hinge.

Lifts are crafted to fit various spa sizes and the majority of swimspa cover raises can be installed by the homeowner utilizing tools you would usually have around your house.

Cover lifts can likewise serve another function, and that’s of storage while you are using your hot tub. When you eliminate the leading you have to put it someplace. That regularly indicates putting it on the ground if you do not have a deck. Even if you do have a deck, you may not desire a substantial hot tub cover blocking the method.

After investing countless dollars on a hot tub, cover, chemicals, and operation expenses, spending a few hundred dollars more for a cover lift will make your hot tub experience and the pressure on your back much less demanding.

If you utilize your tub alone or are not physically strong enough to battle it off your spa, you need to think about a hot tub cover Lift. Or better yet, think about getting a cover that won’t get heavy or break. Something like say the SpaCap