Swim Spa Covers for TidalFit Swim Spas

TidalFit® is an award-winning American manufacturer (aka May Manufacturing) of exercise pools and swim spas.

The TidalFit exercise pool is built to the same world-class quality standards one would expect from May Manufacturing, renowned in the spa industry. Designed with innovative engineering and artistry, the TidalFit brand is popular with discriminating buyers due to its intuitive, user-friendly operation and aesthetic appeal. In other words, the TidalFit is in a class by itself.

Standard features of TidalFit models are: full foam insulation and an ABS bottom to protect against environmental elements, 6″ Maximum Tapered ASTM Super Deluxe Safety Cover, Advanced Digital Control System with LCD back-lit display controls multiple functions in four languages, beautiful, long-lasting Kingwood Cabinetry assures years of maintenance-free life; Grab Rails for extra stability when exercising and stretching. Every TidalFit comes with a standard heater to warm your pool to the perfect temperature in any climate, plus full foam with ABS bottom; a Hi-Flo circulation system keeps water circulating efficiently and helps your pool stay clean. The Pro EP-15 and PowerPlus EP-16 TidalFit models come standard with a dual 9″ waterfall.

Additional brands/lines include: Artesian Spas, Island Spas, Island Elite Spas, Platinum Elite Spas, South Seas Spas, Resort Spas, Tropic Seas Spas, Garden Spas

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SpaCap.com has been building custom spa covers for forty years. That’s longer than swim spas have been around! During that time the folks at SpaCap.com have developed a swim spa cover design as unique as your custom swim spa.

Does your swim spa have a waterfall? No problem! Is that old foam cover keeping you from enjoying your swim spa? SpaCap.com has the answer. Plus you can get it to match your backyard decor!

All the SpaCap.com Swim Spa Covers are covered with Marine Grade Sunbrella in all the colors Glen Raven Mills offers.

So if you want a custom swim spa cover to cover your Tidal Fit Swim Spa that’s as easy to remove as a comforter from your bed visit SpaCap.com and order yours today!

TidalFit Swim Spas

Designed with an ideal combination of innovative engineering and artistry, TidalFit swim spas are as constant in quality as they are in efficiency and design. Some of the most discriminating buyers acquire this exercise pool because it is intuitively user friendly, as well as being aesthetically appealing. Simply put, with its quality workmanship and exceptionally attractive features, the TidalFit is in a class of its own.


  • Warranty: Lifetime Structure, 7-Year Surface, 5-Year Parts, Labor Plumbing and Electrical, 2-Year Cabinet
  • Hydrotherapy and Fitness System:
    • Includes 35 Helix Jets, (4) Directional 6 in. Swim Jets
    • 6 in. Maximum Tapered ASTM Cover
    • Advanced Digital Control System: Color LCD Panel, WiFi Ready (Module Required), Multi-language Interface
    • Heater: 5.5 kW (North America, 60 Hz) / 3.0 kW (Export, 50 Hz)
    • Maintenance Free Kingwood Cabinet
    • Full Foam with ABS Bottom
  • Spa Section:
    • Helix Stainless Steel Jet Design
    • 12 V – 3.5 in. Spa Light
    • WiFi Ready (Module Required)
    • Hi-Flo Circulation System with Microfilter
  • Swim/Exercise Pool Section:
    • (3) 18 in. Grab Rails
    • 12 V – 5 in. Spa Light
    • Hi-Flo Circulation System with Microfilter
    • Bellagio Fall Water Feature
  • Quad Swim Jet System:
    • (4) Directional 6 in. Swim Jets (175 GPM rated)
    • (2) 4.0 HP 1-Spd Swim Pumps (with Speed Control)


  • Swim/Exercise Pool Section – Optional Standard Features
    • Variable Flow Swift Water Trainer
    • (2) 5.0 HP True Variable Speed Swim Pumps with Built-in Speed Control
    • (4) Directional 6 in. Swim Jets
    • Built-in WiFi, Touch Screen LCD with Multiple Programmable Swim Workout
    • Options
    • Download app for smart device to control exercise pool wirelessly (No Wi-Fi Module needed)
  • LED Lighting
    • DynaBrite: (8) 2 in. Lights, (1) 5 in. Light, Illuminated BellagioFall (Illuminates (4) 6 in. Swim Jets (Available Only on Variable Flow System))
  • Water Purification:
    • Diamond AOP™
    • Crystal ProPure™ Ozone Mixing Chamber
    • Ozonator
    • Nature2® Cartridge
  • Heater Valves
  • Aquatic Training System
    • Stationary Resistant Swim
    • Rowing Bars and Resistant Cords
  • Stereo System
    • Advanced Integrated Streaming:
    • Fully Integrated Bluetooth, WiFi, App Streaming and Internet Radio, (4) 3 in. Speakers, Subwoofer (Available Only on Variable Flow System)
  • Spa Section Section – Optional Standard Features
    • LED Lighting
      • DynaBrite (DT-6):
      • (1) 3.5 in., (4) 2 in. LED Light, Tranquility Fall, Air Controls
      • DynaStar LED:
      • (1) 3.5 in., (4) 2 in. LED Light
      • Multicolor 10 LED
    • Stereo System
      • Premium Infinity® Sound System by Harman (N/A on Variable Flow System):
      • Bluetooth Receiver, AM/FM, USB, Auxiliary Input, (4) 3 in. Speakers, (2) 6.5 in. Exterior Speakers, Power Subwoofer,
      • Bluetooth® Music Experience (N/A on Variable Flow System):
      • Bluetooth Receiver, AM/FM,USB, Auxiliary Input, (4) 3 in. Speakers, Subwoofer
      • bba™2 Audio (N/A on Variable Flow System):
      • Fully Integrated Bluetooth Audio Streaming, (4) 3 in. Speakers, Subwoofer
      • Optional
      • (2) 3 in. Patio Speakers (Stereo System 2, 3, and Advanced Integrated Streaming)
    • 18 in. Tranquility Fall
    • Pump/Heater Valves
    • Water Purification
      • Diamond AOP™
      • Crystal AOP™ Propure Advanced Oxidation
      • Crystal ProPure™ Ozone Mixing Chamber
      • Ozonator
      • FROG® @ease™ with SmartChlor™++
      • Nature2® Cartridge

When you’re all set to cover your investment, check out SpaCap.com While spa suppliers have actually been working with developing and also constructing swim spas, SpaCap.com have been developing the best swim spa covers

Regardless of which company you acquire you spa from they will use a conventional rigid foam filled swim spa cover. The issue is that depending upon the general length of your new swim spa, that swim spa cover will consist of three or four individual panels. And just like every foam filled cover ever before made, those panels will eventually begin to saturate with moisture from the vapor coming off the spa water, (beginning the day you fill your spa) up until they are to heavy to raise. (Normally one section will be noticeably heavier within 6 months).

Usually with 4 different sections this will certainly occur at various rates. So you the owner needs to choose to struggle to remove as well as change that area or just leave it on and also aim to use your spa under it.

Bar lifters won’t help when the swim spa cover becomes to heavy either because you will still need to flop it over the bar while trying not to strain yourself. Then you’ll have to push it off the spa. When the cover is heavy it will either tear itself apart (since the joint of the cover is not constructed to take care of the included weight) or even worse it will tear the bar lifter off the sides of your spa possibly creating damages to the spa cabinet.

The SpaCap.com Swim Spa Cover by contrast, don’t use foam so there is nothing to soak up the moisture. They are built to remain light-weight and easy to use. Check out SpaCap.com and order one for your swim spa today.